This is the artwork I have received over the years! I treasure every single one of these pictures and love showing them to people. Please respect the artists who drew them, though, and don't steal them!

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Thumbnail Name Artist Thumbnail Name Artist
Tallon (and others) Daanzi Quillyn Megan F
Marvle Coal Chaser Kristin Coal Chaser
Valock Kivuli [Shadow] Nocturne, Tallon Nocturne I Am
Chui Akura Tallon (and others) Kristyn Lioness
Nonen Daisy7 Rhyen Kazamidori
Anandir Cara Mitten PohnMophi Kookamunga
Yresym TabbyKatt Amshiu Kazamidori
Fehrys Kazamidori Iannuhar Kazamidori
Jomorr Kazamidori Ishannhis Luroz
Tallon (and others) Mirri Nonen Nitsuku
Zakase Nocturn I Am Iannuhar Vekke
Anya VisionCrafter Kristin, Aleron Bagheera
Anya jill0r Kristin, Aleron Ursula Vernon
Tallon kkitty23 Kristin, Aleron Autumn Sunrise
Emmeleia Tiina Purin Kristin, Aleron kkitty23
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