Current Commission Status: OPEN (as of February 26, 2006)

Here is where I offer my services to those who want a picture or two, whether it's of their own personal character or a gift for a friend or a pic featuring your role-playing buddies. Please contact me through tallon AT alai-tallon DOT com. Just replace the AT and DOT with their correct symbols.

What I am comfortable doing:
- Zoomorphic animals. Basically, if it walks on four legs, I'll probably be comfortable with it. Check out my regular art to see what I mean.
- Felines.
- Canines.
- Equines, on occassion.

What I'm not exactly comfortable with but will try:
- Anthros (two legged furries).
- Dragons and dinosaurs

What I'm quite uncomfortable with but will try if you really want me to plus an extra $5 per instance of it:
- Insects, bugs, arachnids, creepy crawlies, crustaceans
- Mechanical things like robots, cars, machinery, spaceships, guns, etc.
- Elaborate jewelry (I'm fine with earrings and regular necklaces, lockets, arm bands, but things with lots of jewels and bling-bling are difficult)
- Humans.

What I will NOT do:
- Copyrighted characters such as Balto, Spirit, Simba, etc. I may draw them in fan-art, but it is not legal for me to charge money for them. Also, I will only draw for you it it's YOUR character or you have the permission of the owner.
- Excessive violence, gore, blood, etc. A little blood is fine. Impaling, disemboweling, decapitation, amputation, exploding eyes, etc. are not.
- Obcene, derogatory, racist, drug-related, or hate filled art. Period.

I am somewhat open to the idea of pieces of a more adult nature, but those would be likely to cost extra. I also will not sell them (more adult pieces, that is) to anyone under the legal age in their country/state and I absolutely WILL NOT do any that depict minors/underage characters. I also cannot accept any commission for adult art over Paypal due to Paypal's recent ban concerning it.

I'm most willing to accept any other payment by Paypal, but I can accept payment by mail as well. Paypal is definitely preferred, though.

If you have anymore questions, let me know!

  One character; headshot Two characters; headshot More than two characters; headshot One character; full body Two characters; full body More than two characters; full body
Pencil sketch $5 $8 $8 + $3 more for each extra $10 $15 $15 + $4 more for each extra
Inked (not shaded) $8 $10 $10 + $3 more for each extra $12 $20 $20 + $4 more for each extra
Computer Colored (no background) $10 $15 $15 + $4 more for each extra $15 $25 $25 + $5 more for each extra
Computer Colored (abstract background) $15 $22 $22 + $5 more for each extra $25 $35 $35 + $6 more for each extra
Computer Colored (full background) $20 $30 $30 + $7 more for each extra $35 $50 $50 + $10 more for each extra

Add ons/other offers:

Design a character for you: $10 for a simple picture of just the design (like this), $5 extra to add into one of the above offers (like this), may cost extra if designing an anthro character
Fur detailing in computer colored (headshot): $5 extra for each character in the picture
Fur detailing in computer colored (full body): $7 extra for each character in the picture (Example)