Name: Kristin Davis
Alias: Alai Tallon, Tallon
AIM Name: alaitallon
Yahoo IM: alai_tallon
Location: Redneckville, USA ;)
Education: Currently a psychology/sociology major at North Georgia College
Favorite Colors: Lavender, cerulean, dusty brown.
Favorite Foods: Pizza, tonkatsu, home-made biscuits, French toast sticks from Chow Hall
Favorite Music Artists: Elliott Smith, Delerium, Balligomingo, Conjure One, Deep Forest, Enya, Adiemus, Enigma, Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield, Yoko Kanno, the Beatles.
Favorite Movies: The Goonies, The Neverending Story, The Princess Bride, Star Wars series, Indiana Jones series, The Lion King, Harold and Maude, The Royal Tenenbaums.
Favorite Books: The Neverending Story by Michael Ende, The Princess Bride by William Golding, The Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander, The Alien Chronicles by Deborah Chester, The Katurran Odyssey by Terryl Whitlatch, The Dark Tower by Stephen King.
Current Mood: The current mood of Alai Tallon at

Q: Do you take requests?
A: No, I do not. I will sometimes do giftart for good friends or people I admire, but I won't take requests.

Q: Do you take art trades?
A: Sometimes. I usually do the asking myself, though. You can TRY sending me an e-mail and see if I have time for it, but please don't be upset if I have to tell you no. It's nothing personal. I just don't have as much time as I would like. A few things to keep in mind when asking me for a trade, though: PLEASE use correct spelling and punctuation (it takes only a second to run a spell check), ask me if I'm taking trades first before sending any description or anything (it saves both my time and yours), and be aware that I usually wait for your half first (a lot of people like to take advantage of me when I get my half done first.)

Q: Did you get my e-mail?
A: Possibly. Have you been sending it to tallon AT alai-tallon DOT com (replace the AT and DOT with @ and . respectively)? I get a lot of e-mail and sometimes your message gets lost in the shuffle. E-mails asking me for a free request when I've made it clear that I don't take any will be ignored. Sometimes I'm just very busy and don't get around to it. If that's the case and I haven't responded in a week or two, you might want to give me a gentle nudge. One thing to keep in mind is to please make your subjects identifiable. I get a lot of spam in my e-mail, too, and sometimes if I don't recognize the sender and the subject just says something like "Hi" or "art" I'll delete it. Examples of good subject lines are: "Tallon, I have a question about your art!" or "Can I commission you?" or "I found some feline art you might want to see . . ."

Q: How did you come up with your species?
A: Some were made for stories I was writing, and some were made just for fun. It's hard to describe how one comes up with a species. Sometimes I use ideas from existing natural species that I like, or sometimes I just think of them myself. The Rhodris, for example, I came up with their horns by deciding to apply oka horns, as okas were a species I made before I made my Rhodris. I try to keep my species unique, however, so I usually will get a bit upset if a unique feature is used on someone else's species . . .

Q: Why do you care so much?
A: Because in the future I'm planning on incorporating many of my species into a book (or series of books) I plan to publish. Also, just as characters may mean a lot to some people, my species mean a lot to me.

Q: Why won't you make Rhodris for people anymore?
A: For the above reason. I also didn't like how characters I put time and effort into never were used or even drawn. The Rhodris mean very, very much to me, so I decided I didn't want them going into the wrong hands.

Q: What programs do you use for your art?
A: My program of choice is Jasc's Paint Shop Pro 7. I'll use Adobe Photoshop CS2 on occassion, sometimes Corel Painter 8, and I enjoy using openCanvas for doodling.