This is the artwork I have received over the years! I treasure every single one of these pictures and love showing them to people. Please respect the artists who drew them, though, and don't steal them!

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Thumbnail Name Artist Thumbnail Name Artist
Koushaku AirsAboveTheGround Tallon, Rosalyne (human) Kelt Ryanson
Fluffy Pegasuss Tallon (and others) Twilight
Zigeuner Serge Stiles Various Serge Stiles
Quirroth Kelt Ryanson Xerxes Kelt Ryanson
Nowonmai Kelt Ryanson Anya Kelt Ryanson
Tallon (and others) Kelt Ryanson Ash Shaharab, Dahr Tal Kelt Ryanson
Jo'Dar, Enjo Kelt Ryanson Onis Robyn Garbacz
Tallon (and others) Cally Jibwa WolfySilver
Rhouzeki Launia II Ar Rawdah Nyxllee
Norrlanda Kelt Ryanson Ianla, Lijan'Ijan Kelt Ryanson
Ganes (chibi) Kelt Ryanson Braelenn Kelt Ryanson
Human Tallon Cally Malus, Hikitsuri (as okas) Pegasuss
Affixi Nyxllee Scorpio Tigon
Nowonmai (anthro) Cybre Tallon (human) Kazamidori
Rosalyne Kazamidori Ianla Kazamidori
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