This is the artwork I have received over the years! I treasure every single one of these pictures and love showing them to people. Please respect the artists who drew them, though, and don't steal them!

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Thumbnail Name Artist Thumbnail Name Artist
Jibwa Hot Pawz Épée Phoenix 01
Ardhi Lionscape Aediemus Kelt Ryanson
Shea'Rhack Kelt Ryanson Vesta Kelt Ryanson
Wazimu Wolfysilver Wazimu Deva
Wazimu Snowy Wazimu Audrey
Wazimu Raven Wazimu VuKo
Kelt and Tallon Cally Rosalyne and Rhis Jayhyena
Nagano Serge Stiles Tribeless and Simi Kelt Ryanson
Lynk and Vesta Kelt Ryanson Anthro Palatomae Michelle Yague
Nagano Masani Tallon Cally
Wazimu Phoenix 01 Anthro Rai, Reklats, and Ku'Ra Kelt Ryanson
Ayra Kelt Ryanson Ayra and Phoenix (chibi) Kelt Ryanson
Larkin Kelt Ryanson Sakki Kelt Ryanson
Anulus Kelt Ryanson Morgadarn Kelt Ryanson
Wazimu (chibi) Kelt Ryanson Affixi Kelt Ryanson
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