This is the artwork I have received over the years! I treasure every single one of these pictures and love showing them to people. Please respect the artists who drew them, though, and don't steal them!

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Thumbnail Name Artist Thumbnail Name Artist
Tallon Talla Tallon Pegasuss
Tallon Kelt Ryanson Tallon (Chibi) Kelt Ryanson
Kitengele Epona Kitengele Kelt Ryanson
Baghami CJ/Tala/Ember Nagano Kelt Ryanson
Baghami Sema Tallon Epona
Baghami Akril Baghami and Sharifu Kelt Ryanson
Chandalar Kelt Ryanson Baghami and Sharifu J.C.
Barlan Pegasuss Tallon and Rosalyne (chibi) Kelt Ryanson
Kali Epona Tuhsagul Serge Stiles
Fawkezi Serge Stiles Jangiz Serge Stiles
N'ame Serge Stiles Nagano and Delilah Audrey
Barlan Sitabenu Tallon Hot Pawz
Jorin Arazia Tallon Chibi Kiara
Mikinam'tih Serge Stiles Jorin DuncanLeopard
Shea'Rhack Wolverina Baghami Kelt Ryanson
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